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Genaral Instruction
1. Parents are required to send their children to school in neat & clean school uniform.
2. Students along with their class teacher are required to attend school prayer punctually and regularly.
3. Student must bring their prescribed text-books and stationary to school according to their daily class Time-Table.
4. Students are expected to be courteous , friendly, loyal, obedient, respectful, tolerant and upright at all times in and outside the school.
5. Students are required to attend school and all its functions neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform unless permitted otherwise.
6. Regular payment of fees as per schedule will help us avoid any unpleasantness at the time of Examination or when the promotion results are declared.
7. Student must develop habit of reading to widen their knowledge and to keep pace with the fast changing knowledge. Good books, magazines, periodicals etc. are available in school library for the students to read in school or borrow as per rules.
8. Students are expected to take good care of their books and personel belongings. It is advisable not to bring money and valuable articles to school.
9. The school will not be responsible for article or money transactions between students.
10. Students must take care of the school property. Electric lights, fans and taps should be turned off when not in use.
11. Any damage to the building , furniture, equipment, apparatus, books etc. will have to be made good by the student concerned.
12. Schedule of depositing tuition/transport and other fees is mentioned in Fee- card.
13. A student has to pay the transport charges, tutition fee for the whole year even if he/she leaves the school in the middle of a session.